MP3 Albums & Booklets

All albums can be downloaded immediately after payment as standard MP3 files, playable on iPods and all other MP3 Players and computers. The download is not only cheaper than the physical CD and saves you the cost of postage & packaging, it also includes a PDF of the full Companion Booklet with music & lyrics! (Books can now also be bought separately as PDF files.)


The Heaven and Earth Findhorn Community Songbook
Heaven and Earth Community Song Book

A Treasure of heart opening Songs and Dances from around the World. Purchase the downloadable PDF version here. (£15.00)   (1 PDF = 5.47MB)


Soul Weavers
Songs for the Journey Home (£13.00)
  (14 MP3 files, 1 PDF = 46.5MB)

Garden of the Goddess
Songs in celebration of the Divine Feminine (£13.00)
  (14 MP3 files, 1 PDF = 53.1MB)
SPECIAL: Download the Dance Descriptions as a PDF (free)

Songs of Heaven and Earth
A rich collection of Celebratory Songs from around the World (£13.00)
  (15 MP3 files, 1 PDF = 43MB)

When Two or More are Gathered
Sing-along songs for the Heart and Soul (£13.00)
  (21 MP3 files, 1 PDF = 65.9MB)

Cantiones Sacrae
A collection of sacred songs in many beautiful harmonies, recorded in the Findhorn Nature Sanctuary (£13.00)
  (26 MP3 files, 1 PDF = 69.5MB)

The Spirit of Dance
A beautiful selection of Circle Dance tunes recorded in Findhorn (£13.00)
  (17 MP3 files, 1 PDF = 66.MB)


Soul Weavers Booklet
With music, lyrics, dance descriptions & illustrations (£3.00)
  (1 PDF = 4.MB)

Garden of the Goddess Booklets
With music, lyrics and dance descriptions. (£3.00)
  (Zip with 2 PDFs = 4.1 MB)

Songs of Heaven and Earth Companion Booklet
With music, lyrics, chords and dance descriptions (£3.00)
  (1 PDF = 1.1 MB)

Canteones Sacrae Booklet
With music and lyrics. (£3.00)
  (1 PDF = 5.3 MB)

When Two or More are Gathered Companion Booklet
With music, lyrics, chords and dance descriptions. (£3.00)
  (1 PDF = 1.9 MB)

The Spirit of Dance Booklets
Circle dance descriptions and a separate booklet with music & lyrics. (£3.00)
  (Zip with 2 PDFs = 1.5.MB)


All Albums with Booklets come in a single .zip file, which allows for a speedier & safer download. When you double-click the .zip file it should expand into a folder containing the individual MP3 files and the PDF. Most Windows PCs and all Macs have this functionality already built in. Older Windows systems may require you to download a free unzipping utility, like PeaZip. The MP3 music files can be played by every computer, ideally through Apple’s free iTunes (Mac & Windows). To read or print the PDF Booklets, a basic PDF viewer is required. Again, all Macs and most PCs should have this pre-installed, but you can always download the free Adobe Reader.