When Two or More are Gathered

Sing-along songs for the Heart and Soul, recorded 2000 in the Findhorn Foundation with the Findhorn Foundation Community Singers, directed by Barbara Swetina.

1. How could anyone (Libby Roderick)
02. Radhe Govinda (Hindu chant)
03. Every part of the Earth (Anahata Iradah)
Chief Seattle (*)
04. I am the only one (unidentified, arr. Swetina)
05. When two or more (German church song)
06. I am one with the heart (Michael Stillwater)
07. I am with you (Phyllida Anamaire)
08. Dear friend (traditional, arr. Swetina)
09. Thy light (K. Masse-Prator, arr. B.Swetina)
10. I am beautiful (Lori Sunshine, arr. B.Swetina)
11. Oh great spirit (Native American)
12. Ya Allah (Mark Havill)
13. Sansa cromo (African)
14. Heyo ipsi neja (Native American)
15. Wherever you go (Barbara Swetina)
16. To you we sing (Birthday song)
17. Rejoice in life (unidentified, arr. Swetina)
18. We are a circle (Rick Hamouris, arr. B Swetina))
19. Deep peace (Celtic blessing round)
20. All is well (traditional round)
21. Love is the answer (Steven Acton)

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Recorded 2000 in the Cluny Hill Sanctuary with the Findhorn Foundation Community Singers, directed by Barbara Swetina.

Recording Engineer: David Hammond

Findhorn Singers: Diana Grell, Annika Holgren, Jacinta Leonard, Eva Vokacova, Joy Joy, Beatrix Descamps, Vera Bohlen, Liz Rogers, Gill Emslie, Ann Lerch, Linda Lewis, Katharina Klippstein, Tordis Schlag, Anna E. Persdotter, Jane Weaver, Judith Berry, Egil Erikson, Simon Bowen, Rog Coulson, Brian Williams, Brian McMullen, Abdul Latif, Richard Adams, Alan Massey, Geoffrey Colwill, Robin Alfred, Thomas George,

Solo Voices: Phyllida Anamaire, Liz Rogers

Players: Lori Sunshine (harp), Barbara Swetina (flute), David Hammond (guitar), Scott Gamble (percussion)

Special thanks to: everybody who contributed to the making of this recording, all singers for their tremendous enthusiasm, all songwriters for their inspiration, David Hammond for his multi talented expertise, Cluny family for providing the space, Alan Harfield at Unity Recording Studio, Forres for design and production, the Findhorn Foundation for the sense of community and the Angel of Findhorn for blessing us all.
Barbara Swetina, Findhorn 2001

© 2001 Barbara Swetina. MCPS Copyright Control.
(*) Track 2: ©1989. All rights reserved, used with permission. The full version can be ordered from ciara108@compuServe.com