Soul Weavers

Songs for the Journey Home. Recorded 2009 in Findhorn with the Findhorn Minstrels.

Soul Weavers
01. Flute & Invocation
02. Soul Weavers
03. Listen to the Silence
04. Ancestors
05. He ke hau
06. Be Still
07. Oh, so so
08. Dancing Delight (Piano)
09. You are the Place
10. Present Moment
11. We are all Lamps
12. Bismillah
13. Take, oh take me
14. Flute & Sea

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Recorded 2009 in Findhorn (Arden House and Rose of the Heart) with the Findhorn Minstrels: Liz Rogers, Momie Cain, Sheila Pettitt, Stacie Whitney, Stella Sofer, Andrew Tree, Jon Atkinson, Robin Alfred, Rog Coulson, Ian McTier (Bass), William Yussi (Drums), David Hammond (Guitar), Barbara Swetina (Flute, Harp, Piano). Engineered by David Hammond. Directed by Barbara Swetina.