May 25 - 28 2018
Celebrating 30 years of Sacred Singing in Findhorn

Universal Hall findhorn

30 years ago, inspired by the chants of the Taizé community in France, a small group of friends began in the Nature Sanctuary to open hearts and voices each day to the Divine. This custom is still alive and well in the community, inspiring guests and residents alike.

Music as a universal language unites us and transcends differences of gender, age and religion. By singing together with shared intentions, we build up a unified resonant field that has the power to heal, uplift and transform its members.

To celebrate our 30 years singing anniversary we invite you to a joyful weekend of song, dance, prayer, performance and workshops May 25 - 28 2018 in Findhorn. Families and children welcome! Let’s get together and build an energetic blueprint for a sacred world culture that respects and honours all people!

Singing Circle

‘We face a choice: either our world will sink into chaotic destruction
or it will turn toward the constructive and the good.’

Christina von Dreien

Barbara SwetinaWhen: May 25th (evening), May 26th and May 27th 2018
Where: The Universal Hall, Findhorn Foundation, Scotland
Price (not including accommodation or food):
£100 Festival ticket to all sessions
£75 Early bird discount until Jan 31st 2018, and NFA members
£55 Unwaged and youth (till 26 years)
Info & bookings: